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If your flight has been delayed, cancelled or overbooked in the last 6 years, you could be owed up to €600 in compensation. Try our free, no obligation flight check now and see how much you could be owed.

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Fed up with delayed flights? Airfair offer a free, no obligation flight check to see if you are owed compensation.

By law, you could be owed up to €600 per person. Whether your flight was delayed, cancelled or you were refused boarding, the Airfair app could be telling you how much you’re owed within minutes.

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Claim on the go with our easy to use app.

It’s never fun waiting for a delayed flight, but Airfair are here to help you get
your claim off the ground. Download our app and if you’re delayed again
you can start your claim before you even board the plane.

Don’t forget you can claim back for flights dating back 6 years – download the app to check past flights.

How it works

Step 1

Let us know the details of
your journey using our free,
no obligation flight check.

Don't worry if you don't have all the details - we just need your departure and destination airports, when you flew and why the flight was delayed.

Step 2

We'll let you know if
you have a valid claim.

If you want to claim directly with the airlines, that is fine. If you want Airfair to take care of all the hard work for you, we'll fight on your behalf on a no win, no fee basis

Step 3

Get paid the compensation
you deserve!

It's that simple!

Who are we?

Airfair are a leading flight compensation company who will handle your claim on a no win, no fee basis.

We are specialists in this industry and we come with a wealth of knowledge and experience meaning your claim is in safe and capable hands.

Sure, you can make the claim yourself, but why bother dealing with the hassle of going into battle with the Airlines when Airfair can do it for you?

Why use us?

We are a team of technology and claims specialists; we find the most efficient ways to
process claims to make the claims process as easy and as seamless as we can for you.
You give us the information and we'll do the rest.

We work on a no win, no fee basis, so if your claim isn't successful
we won't charge you anything.