How airFair Can Help You19 Oct 2018

How airFair can help you

At airFair, we’re a team of flight delay specialists who are determined to help passengers receive compensation that is due to them. We’ve already claimed back over millions for passengers, meaning that we like to think we’re good at what we do!

Flight delays are never nice, they can often ruin a holiday or worse, cancel it altogether, and getting something in return for the disruption caused directly from the airline can be a real pain and cause stress, which is the last thing you need after being told you’ll have to wait around in departures for hours longer than expected.

You may not realise it, but there is a large proportion of passengers that don’t realise that they are entitled to compensation, meaning that they are missing out on money that is now in the airlines pocket! We want to get that back to you.

But we know what you’re saying, why pick airFair when I could do it myself? Excellent point, but what you will find with airlines is that no matter how valid the claim may be, they’ll tend to dismiss it straight away, leaving you with you nothing and in some cases even having to fork out for a new flight. You may also be forced into pursuing it legally if your really determined, which will work, but with that comes additional fees that can soon start to add up, and what you actually claim back can be pennies in the end.

That’s why when choosing airFair to make a claim on your behalf, you can bet we will be ruthless in our approach and we won’t take no as the first answer, as long as you fit the claim criteria we’ll handle your case from start to finish, meaning you’ll just need to sit back and await the compensation.

But how do I know if I fit criteria? If you have suffered a flight delay lasting 3 hours or longer within the last 6 years of it first occurring, and you were travelling with an EU Airline or from an EU airport, then you’ll meet the criteria. It’s really that simple!

One thing we often hear is “How much can airFair win for me?” and to put it simply, if your claim is a success, you’ll receive anything between €250, and upwards of €600, it all depends on the length of your delay and flight, you can get a rough idea for how much you could be owed from the table below:

We try to make the process as easy as possible and as stress-free for passengers as we can, as we know that dealing with the airlines can be a nightmare. Once checked to see if you fit claim criteria, we’ll just need a little bit of information from you regarding the delay, such as booking references, of which the team will get from you. Then when it’s all agreed on that’s it! Sit back, let us do all the hard work and wait for the compensation to be with you! Each claim case is different, so the turn around isn’t always as quick for some as it is for others. However, we constantly keep the pressure on the airlines in a bid to successfully reclaim compensation for you. Some can take days, whilst other more serious ones can take months, especially if we need to open legal proceedings (all of which you don’t need to worry about, we’ll sort it, it’s all covered in the 36% fee we take once you decide to choose airFair to deal with your claim). If for any reason your claim is unsuccessful, we will cover our own processing cost and you won’t be charged. Therefore there is no financial risk in just checking to see if you have a claim!

You can always check in to see the status of your claim at any time, and the team will give a real-time update, or you can even check it without speaking to the team, using the airFair app which allows you to check in on the progress of your claim and also claim directly through there if its preferred, and best of all its FREE to download, so there are no excuses for just checking to see if you can claim!

Seems easy enough? That’s because it is. At airFair we want to make it as smooth and straightforward as possible and taking your claim from start to finish and ensuring of its success is our priority, there is no messing around. For more information on how airFair can help you if you have suffered a flight delay in the last 6 years, visit our website and use our FREE flight checker to get started with a claim or give the team a call on 0800 098 7700 and they’ll be there to help!

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