airFairs New Year Resolutions2 Jan 2019

airFairs New Year Resolutions

airFairs New Year Resolutions – 2019 is FINALLY here and it seems like 2018 flew by, and with every new year comes the inaugural resolutions that we tell ourselves to improve ourselves each year, and it’s no different for us at airFair as we’re always looking for ways that we can make ourselves better and more importantly, improve the claims process even more, making it as quick and as stress free as we can! That’s why we’ve set some new year resolutions of our own heading into 2019.

Improve the claims process

We’ve already taken big steps to improve the claims process by introducing the airFair app back at the end of 2016, and from there we’ve seen it steadily improve the ease of submitting and making a claim for everyone. But now our app has been given a shiny new update making it easier than ever and with some great new features. The boarding pass scanner makes helps to find out if your claim is valid in a matter of seconds, whilst our claims tracking system allows you to keep up to date with your claims process until you’ve been awarded compensation.

To keep on fighting the airlines

We know how frustrating it can be dealing with the airlines, which is why we want to make it as easy and as stress-free as possible when you submit a claim through us at airFair. You’ve had enough to deal with when your flight was delayed. You can see How airFair can help you where we try to make the process as simple as we can, so there’s no confusion or stress, you just submit your claim and if it fits criteria, we’ll do our best to ensure you receive your rightfully owed compensation.

Continue to grow and improve

It’s always nice to have a self-help resolution and we think that a little self-improvement is always good to consider, whether you’re a business or your making resolutions for yourself, striving to constantly be better is important. That’s why we at airFair are determined to continue to grow, well into 2019 and beyond and be the go-to for all our current clients and future clients. But how are we going to do that? Well, it’s simple really by following our own rules and new resolutions that we’ve set ourselves, we want to smash our goals and exceed them in 2019 and ensure that all clients both old and new are valued and taken care of along every step of the way when submitting a claim with us. Flight delays have given you enough stress as it is, we don’t want to pile anymore on you.

Have you any New Year’s Resolutions that you plan on sticking to in 2019? Looking to travel more and experience the world? Remember that if you do travel this year that airFair can help with claiming compensation against the airlines if you’ve suffered a flight delay. This means extra money for those new adventures!

airFairs New Year Resolution

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