Best Cities to Visit in Winter14 Dec 2018

Best Cities to Visit in Winter

Best Cities to Visit in Winter – Winter escapes are becoming increasingly more and more common, especially with the majority of us seeking the sun as the months get colder and darker. But a steady increase in city breaks has seen them a go to and an affordable getaway during the Winter months. We take a look at some of the best cities to visit in Winter and how you can really enjoy the colder season.


Strasbourg, France

Located in North-eastern France, Strasbourg sits near the German border and the Gothic influence flows through the city’s architecture and culture. One of its most notable features is the Gothic Cathedrale Notre-Dame, but the real charm of the city comes alive in the Winter months when the famous Christmas Markets make their appearance. As one of Europe’s oldest Christmas markets, it stands in the heart of the city, making it the perfect location for a Winter getaway.

Prague, Czech Republic

Czech Republics capital, Prague is nicknamed “the City of a Hundred Spires” and is known for its historic old town and medieval influenced buildings. Bisected by the Vltava river, Prague is a must-see destination throughout the year, but it’s magic truly comes to life during the Winter months. If you happen to be visiting when the snow falls, you’ll be in for a fairy-tale sight as snow lands on top of the gothic spires and rooftops of the old town.


Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is bursting with history, from its medieval old town to the historic castle which looms large over the town. There is plenty to do in the Scottish capital, especially during the Winter months when it boasts its famous Christmas markets, where tourists flock north to experience it in their droves. Although it may be cold, a mulled wine will certainly help to warm you up.

Bergen, Norway

Located on Norway’s Southwestern coast, it’s surrounded by mountains and fjords and offers visitors a true Winter escape. Winter may be known as the darker season, but Bergen’s colourful wooden houses around its harbour bring a splash of colour to the Winter months. With stunning panoramic views of the surrounding area, Bergen isn’t as lively as other destinations on this list, but for a truly authentic Winter experience, not many compare.


Tallinn, Estonia

For somewhere a little less mainstream, Tallin might just be the perfect getaway for those wanting to try somewhere different. As the capital of Estonia, Tallinn is the country’s cultural hub and still retains its walled, cobblestoned Old Town and its famous Gothic Town Hall sits in its historic main square. Visiting Tallinn during the Winter months is will be quieter than most cities across Europe, but its peacefulness is enchanting as snow falls around the gothic architecture that’s found within the city.

Dublin, Ireland

The Irish capital is a well-known choice for city break among travellers and at Winter, it’s just as attractive as it is during the Summer months. Dublin comes alive in Winter, with an array of festivals and wintertime attractions for visitors. The weather may be on the colder side and the nights dark but sampling the world-renowned Irish spirit that its locals possess more than help make the nights there ones to remember.

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