The best places for Winter Sun16 Jan 2019

 The best places for Winter Sun

The best places for Winter Sun – The colder months aren’t meant for everyone, that’s why we seek the sun year-round. Gone are the long dark days of Winter and hello the sunny shores of somewhere sizzling. Winter sun is becoming a more popular choice than ever when travellers are looking for a Holiday, and the hunt for the best places for year-round sun meaning the feeling of Summer holidays don’t have to stop once Summer has ended. These destinations make for the perfect escape for Winter sun and will leave your sun-soaked skin satisfied as you flaunt off your tan when you’re home for Christmas.

Cape Verde

Located off the west coast of Africa, Cape Verde spends the entire year with temperatures in the twenties, with a little help from Saharan winds, making it a guaranteed sun spot year-round for those eager for sun, especially during the winter. Cruise down the coast or enjoy the golden shores of the islands or crank up your escape by filling it with adrenaline and taking part in some of the many water sports activates the island has to offer.


It wouldn’t be a list of Winter sun escapes without the inclusion of the ever-present Dubai. The sophisticated metropolis alone is enough to justify escaping here for the Winter, but if that isn’t enough, then the diversity of activities on offer will do it. Whether it’s a sun-soaked beach break, or a thirst for adventure, Dubai really does have it all. It’s glamourous, vast and most of all hot and makes those dreary Winter days seem a long way away.


With its sugar white beaches, classic feel and tobacco fields dotted around the island, Cuba is an island bursting with culture, from its lively capital Havana, to its Hispanic inspired architecture, dance the night away or relax n the sandy beaches as cars from the 1950’s drive along the coast in the nostalgic throwback to an era gone before.

The Gambia

The Gambia is a small West African country that is bounded by Senegal. It may be unknown to most, but The Gambia is a perfect escape during the Winter months, especially if you’re up for somewhere new and adventurous. With abundant wildlife and a diverse ecosystem centred around its main river, spills out onto golden beaches with what you’d consider as paradise.


It might not be your first choice when thinking of places to escape to for Winter sun, but Oman is an underrated jewel neighbouring the United Arab Emirates, it enjoys the same mid-twenties warmth during the European Winter months. Oman has a real mix of culture, with a Middle Eastern blend of coastal landscapes, deserts and colonial influences making Oman a perfect choice for escaping for sun during the Winter months.


For some gentle Winter sun Morocco is the perfect peaceful escape that’s not too hot, but still ensures you get the sun. The North African destination is exotic and certainly beats the dreary days of Winter, from traditional markets to sun kissed beaches Morocco grants you the opportunity to try somewhere exotic, without the need of the long-haul flight.


It wouldn’t be a list of Winter escapes without the Canary Islands classic Lanzarote. Located off the West coast of Africa, Lanzarote is a reliable destination choice during the Winter months, with its year-round sun and stunning volcanic landscapes overlooked by bright blue vast skies, Lanzarote is a top choice for many because of its easy travel time, and abundance of places to stay and activities, there is something for everyone.


The best places for Winter Sun

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