Escape to the City with these Essential Travel Apps8 Oct 2018

Escape to the City with these Essential Travel Apps


We know city breaks are great, they’re a few days away from the norm and let you embrace the culture of somewhere new, without breaking the bank like the traditional two-week holiday tends to do. But when you’re out and about in a destination you’ve never been before, how can you make the most of the time you have? Where’s good to eat & drink? What’s there to do? How much is everything? The typical questions that come to mind when visiting somewhere new for the first time and did you know that you can keep all those answers to those questions on your phone in the form of apps? Even better… FREE travel apps. Having all these handy and easy to use apps in one place makes travelling and exploring that much easier when visiting a new city.



Obviously, you’re going to need a place to stay during your city break, and where better than right in the heart of the city. Airbnb allows you to choose from hundreds of different types of accommodation types, from hostels to apartments, and single rooms to a whole house. Depending on your budget and party size, you can find one that’s perfect for you.



If Uber isn’t your thing and you’d rather embrace and experience the local transport, then Citymapper is a must have app to install on your phone whilst you’re out and about exploring. Making cities more usable to new visitors, the app can help plan a route for you using public transport, inform you of the closest stations, taxi ranks and bus stop and can even be used as a generic map to have handy when walking around.


XE Currency

Knowing the currency exchange rate whenever you go somewhere new is always going to be beneficial to your trip, whether it’s knowing how much transport costs, or knowing what the appropriate amount to tip is. That’s why XE Currency converter is a handy app to have wherever you travel, not just to cities.


airFair app

When travelling, you’re bound to encounter flight delays at some point, and they always put a dampener on your trip, especially when it eats into you’re already short trip. If you do end up on the wrong end of a flight delay and providing it is 3 hours or more, then you could be owed compensation. And what better way to check than having a handy app that allows you to do just that! Our FREE to download airFair app does just that, and you can even check it while you’re on the go or delayed in departures. If you’re often travelling, it’s a must-have app to have on your phone.


Trip Advisor

What better way to know where tourists and locals alike enjoy spending their time. Trip Advisor lets you know reviews and opinions of restaurants, bars, places of interest, hotels and practically anywhere else you could visit when exploring a city. Read what other travellers and locals think of places you’re interested in visiting. With millions of traveller reviews, photos and ratings, making sure you have the Trip Advisor app downloaded when exploring your next city is a must have!



The app that revolutionised inner-city travel, Uber is a must have when visiting a new city. Providing the city you’re visiting has access to Uber, you could have an adventure at your fingertips. Simply drop a pin where you want to be picked up from and one where you want to go, and you can have your own personal transport taking you there within minutes. If you’re not sure on the area, how to get somewhere by walking or public transport, Uber can help and it’s easy to use app makes inner-city exploration even easier.


Whether you’re a regular traveller to and from cities or it’s a one-off chance trying something and somewhere new, these apps are essential if you’re looking to make the most of your experience somewhere new. Know an app that you can’t live without when you go travelling? Let us know! And remember if you do encounter a flight delay lasting 3 Hours or longer then you could be entitled up to £520 per person! Contact us  now to get started!

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