New Year destinations you NEED to visit9 Jan 2019

New Year destinations you NEED to visit

New Year destinations you NEED to visit – 2019 is the year for adventure and we’ve collected some of the destinations you need to be visiting for the New Year. Whether you’re planning on going on solo adventures, with a partner or that perfect group getaway, these destinations are a must visit if you’re to make 2019 something to truly remember!



The country that links Central and South America, Panama is probably most well-known for its engineering marvel, The Panama Canal, but 2019 is the chance to explore it even deeper and discover more than just a canal. The countries capital Panama City contains modern skyscrapers framed by the Pacific Ocean, whilst the rainforests of the Natural Metropolitan park are an opportunity for further adventure in one of Central Americas most exciting countries.

Sri Lanka

Known as an exotic paradise to many, Sri Lanka is home to a diverse range of landscapes, from rainforests to highlands, down to picturesque sandy beaches leading out to crystal waters. Whether you’re looking for the perfect beach escape in 2019 or thirsty for a new adventure, discovering ancient temples and ruins, Sri Lanka could be the missing jewel to your adventurous crown.



The landlocked Eastern European country might not be a go to when looking for a place to visit, but in 2019 that’s going to change. Belarus is home to the European games in 2019, bringing thousands of Athletes from over 50 countries direct to the capital.  But its not just the games which are the main reason to visit Belarus. It’s famous for its grand fortifications, Stalinist architecture and woodland forests and might just be the European adventure travellers are looking for heading into 2019.

Scottish Highlands

The Scottish Highlands are the most historic region of Scotland and is home to wild landscapes and offers travellers the ultimate escape to authentic Scotland and the chance to discover genuine solitude. From historic castles and authentic food and drink, to walking the west highland way, Scotland in 2019 could prove to be the perfect destination for the adventurous solo traveller.


The island nation based in the Pacific Ocean is home to dense cities. Imperial palaces, shrines and temples and mountainous national parks, but aside from its natural beauty, Japan might just be the place to visit in 2019, especially for sports fans. It is hosting the 2019 Rugby World Cup and the Olympics the following year, making it the perfect time to go and see the new stadiums structures and all the events that will be happening throughout the year. There’s even the chance to see the stunning Cherry Blossom season during March to May, which is coincidentally the best time for weather as its late Spring.

Matera, Italy

One of the cities chosen as the European Capitals of culture for 2019, Matera in Italy is a city based on a rocky outcrop, with a complex network of cave dwellings carved into its mountainside along with the city itself. Chosen as one of the Capitals of culture, there will be plenty of events and attractions throughout the year, making this unique destination in the south of Italy a must visit in 2019.


Vietnams location in the Southeast of Asia makes is the ideal destination for those looking for a new adventure, while also looking for a little touch of paradise. The bustling capital of Hanoi maybe old fashioned, but a trip in a tuk-tuk will ensure you’re immersed inside city culture. If the city isn’t your thing, a trip to the staggeringly beautiful Halong Bay will leave you in awe and is one of Vietnams crown jewels.

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