Ranked: The longest flights in the world30 Jan 2019

Ranked: The longest flights in the world

Thanks to global travel data provider OAG we’re able to take a look at and rank the longest flights in the world. With ultra-long-haul flying making a comeback in recent years, a new generation of fuel-efficient airliners are taking up the challenge to deliver non-stop flight routes to some of the most popular long-haul destinations.

Those leading the way in term of the longest flights are Qatar Airways, United Airlines, Quantas & Emirates after they all recently launched new ultra-long-haul flights for passengers. More affordable oil has led to a resurgence in 8,000 to 9,000 mile flights, in addition to a consumer change, with passengers opting in favour of non-stop point-to-point flying has helped drive the revival.


10 – Abu Dhabi to Los Angeles; Etihad Airways – 8,375 miles

9 – Atlanta to Johannesburg; Delta Air Lines – 8,434 miles

8 – San Francisco to Singapore; United Airlines/Singapore Airlines – 8,435 miles

7 – Dallas to Sydney; Qantas – 8,576 miles

6 – Houston to Sydney; United Airlines – 8,593 miles

5 – Los Angeles to Singapore; United Airlines – 8,759

4 – Auckland to Dubai; Emirates – 8,820 miles

3 – Perth to London; Qantas – 9,009 miles

2 – Auckland to Doha; Qatar – 9,026 miles

1 – Singapore to Newark; Singapore Airlines – 10,357 miles


The longest distance flight is also the most recently launched, taking nearly 19 hours of flight time to reach its final destination. The non-stop flight between Singapore Changi Airport and Newark, New Jersey uses a fleet of Airbus A350-900ULRs for its ultra-long-range flights. The craft is also exclusive to this flight only, with all 7 aircrafts being used solely for the long-haul flight.

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Ranked: The longest flights in the world

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