How to Save Money on Flights at Christmas23 Nov 2018

How to save money on flights at Christmas

Whether you’re planning a last-minute escape for the holidays or are looking at ways you can save money on next year’s travels, saving money on flights at one of the busiest times and most costly times of the year is always worth looking in too.

Best time to book

There is a standard belief that the longer in advance you book, the cheaper it will be, but this is not always the case, especially if you’re looking for cheap last-minute flights around Christmas time and heading into the new year. Avoid weekends if you want to save money. Booking on a weekend date will be more expensive than it will be compared to dates within the week. Flash sales and cheaper fares are more likely going to happen during the week, meaning the best deals can appear then. Airlines factor in the busy Christmas period when pricing and price flights around this time high regardless of how far in advance passengers’ book. Which means that when it gets closer to the date, you’re more likely going to get a cheaper and better deal as airlines will be looking to fill their flights before take-off, leading to more flash sales which will often go under the radar.

How to find the best deal

There are so many different ways of finding and purchasing flights, whether its direct through a travel agent or booking them online through one of the many competing sites, it almost seems endless. But we managed to find some of the best money saving sites for last minute holidaysall of which make finding the cheapest and best value flights year round, but especially during Christmas time.

Last minute chances

If it’s just an escape you want, and you’re not too bothered about where it is travel too, then leaving it till the very last-minute guarantee you with an extremely cheap flight, but it might not be to the destination you originally planned on heading too. TUI are a great example of an airline where you can get last minute flights really cheap, as they always look to fill their leftover seats for a substantial discount to last-minute travellers.

Small diversions

Sometimes a little sacrifice means you can save the pounds, which is why when travelling to a specific destination, consider flying in our even out of neighbouring airports, as this could provide you with some big savings.

Earn some money back for Christmas flights

With so many of us travelling over this festive period, passengers are bound to encounter delays, and there’s nothing worse than a flight delay when you’re trying to get home for the holidays. But airFair can help give a little something back by helping. If your flight has been delayed for 3 hours or more or was cancelled on arrival, then up to €600 in compensation could be yours. See how airFair can help by getting in touch here.

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