The Best Money Saving Sites for Last Minute Holidays9 Nov 2018

The Best Money Saving Sites for Last Minute Holidays


The Best Money Saving Sites for Last Minute Holidays. When looking for a holiday, we all want the best value for our money, and sometimes the stress of trying to find the best deal means you could end up opting to book a package deal that is much more expensive than you could actually be paying. Whether we’re after a couple’s getaway, a solo adventure or a fun trip with the whole family, we’re constantly looking out for the best deals we can get, and more often than not, we’ll do anything to save the pennies.

To help save the pennies for those adventures away, we’ve found some of the best travel sites around that can help you save the pennies, but also find you the best deal so you can have your perfect holiday


Flight Network

Flight Network is one of Canada’s largest online travel websites delivering truly the lowest airfares in the industry. The online travel agency helps travellers find the best deals with an industry-leading algorithm that find the best deals possible. Their most unique feature is the ability to combine two lost cost carriers when planning an itinerary, so you can find the cheapest flights for routes that normally don’t work with other search aggregator websites. They also offer Price Drop protection which means that you can get money back after you have booked if the price drops.


Holiday Pirates

With the ability to manually search for the best holiday offers available and email those offers directly to subscribers, Holiday Pirates gives the best holiday deals direct to inboxes, meaning the latest and best deals can be sent direct.


Jacks Flight Club

Jacks Flight Club has found its way into the news and across mainstream media over the last year, and all for good reasons. From a small start-up, founder Jack loves to travel and wanted to offer the same opportunity to everyone else, but without the hefty price tags. Simply sign up, and Jacks Flight Club starts to send you the cheapest and best deals they can find that cater to your next adventure.  They must be doing something right if they’re always in the news.


Google Flights

Google Flights is Google’s answer to the money-saving holiday sites and is essentially an online flight booking search service which facilitates the purchase of airline tickets through third-party supplies and makes searching for flights easier than ever. Google is the worlds largest search engine and the internet hub for the majority of the population, which helps to establish them within the realm of online bookings and makes searching for the best deals even quicker and easier than most other sites. Google Flights also has the addition of being linked to Google Alerts, allowing users to receive the latest information and news with regards booking and find the best deals.


Have you found a secret holiday saving gem that you think should be on this list? Get in touch and let us know! We’d love to hear how you save the pennies when going away.


The Best Money Saving Sites for Last Minute Holidays

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