Most Visited Destinations in 201823 Nov 2018

Most visited destinations in 2018

With 2018 nearly over, it’s good to look back over the year and see where travellers jetted off to and see which destinations were the favoured choice among passengers. Whether adventuring alone or travelling with friends and family, there are so many destinations to go and visit, some of them may come as a surprise to how popular they are! Find out below:

  1. Turkey – 30 Million Visitors

Turkey is one of the most popular global destinations for every kind of traveller, whether it’s a Summer beach holiday or a culture trip for history buffs, Turkey has it all. It’s no surprise that its historic capital Istanbul comes out on top as the most visited destination in the whole of the country.

  1. Thailand – 32.6 Million Visitors

A traveller’s paradise, Thailand is often one of the destinations on many an adventurer’s bucket list. From it, historical and cultural temples to world famous nightlife and pristine beaches, Thailand is a slice of paradise. Ko Phi Phi is the most visited area in Thailand, the group of islands is a popular destination for keen travellers, beachgoers nightlife enthusiasts, with Phuket being the most well known of the area.

  1. Mexico – 35 Million Visitors

Whether it is for its ancient history or for its breath-taking beaches, it’s clear to see why Mexico is so popular. Ancient Aztec and Mayan cities are dotted all over the country, making them some of the biggest attractions to visit, which is why Teotihuacan and Chichen Itza where the two most popular destinations for tourists this year, like they always seem to be!

  1. Germany – 35.6 Million Visitors

Whether you’re visiting Germany for its food and drink, history or stunning architecture there is plenty to behold when visiting, as many other travellers believe so as well! The capital Berlin was the most visited destination in Germany this year, with the world-famous Brandenburg Gate being its star attraction, whilst notable attractions such as the Black Forest also proved popular among travellers.

  1. United Kingdom – 35.8 Million

Despite its size, the UK still manages to pull in tourists from all over the world, partly in thanks to the Royale Family, whose home in London draws in crowds from all over. But despite London being the most visited destination in the UK, the Scottish Highlands come in at a surprise second as visitors look for more to do outside of the capital.

  1. Italy – 52.4 Million Visitors

One of the jewels in the Mediterranean, Italy offers everything from fantastic cuisine and architecture to a history buffs dream, its attractions for tourists seem to be endless. Italy has the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world, and it comes as no surprise that the Colosseum in Rome is the number 1 most visited attraction in the country, followed by the Grand Canal in Venice.



  1. China – 59.3 Million Visitors

As the fourth largest country, it seems fitting that China is the fourth most visited country this year. Home to the largest building of human history, The Great Wall of China is also the number one attraction for tourists to see when visiting China. But along with historical sites such as the Wall and the Terracotta Army, Beijing and Shanghai are two of the countries most popular cities to visit.

  1. Spain – 75.6 Million Visitors

Partly for its stunning natural beauty and fantastic buildings, Spain is one of the most visited European and global cities. Home to world-class wines, infinite pristine coastlines and sun-drenched beaches Spain’s appeal is there for all visitors to see. In 2018 the most visited destination within Spain was Alhambra Palace which is now classed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  1. The United States – 75.6 Million Visitors

In what will be a surprise for some, the United States was the is the second most visited country this year. With climate to suit all types, the USA has millions of visitors flocking to it, yearning for a sense of adventure on a grand scale.  The Grand Canyon was the most visited attraction in the US as it always tends to be, with New York closely following in second.

  1. France – 82.6 Million Visitors

The city of love earns its place as the number one most visited country this year as visitors look to experience historic sites, exquisite cuisines and peaceful settings, not to mention the capital itself Paris, home to the most visited attraction in France, the Eiffel tower. France is so diverse as visitors can try their hand at skiing in the alps or soak up the sun on the shores of St Tropez.


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