The World’s most punctual airlines23 Jan 2019

The World’s most punctual airlines

The World’s most punctual airlines – When travelling, you’re bound to encounter delays, but just like you, airports don’t like delays either, which is why airports are in a constant battle with one another in a bid to be the most punctual and ensure that flights on time. In terms of UK airports, you will have to look outside the top 10 before they even feature, with Heathrow Ranked 15th in the world for punctuality, despite continuously running at near capacity every day. Heathrow’s punctuality was not good enough to break into the top 10 airports in the world, which can be seen below:

10 – Chicago O’Hare – 76.67%

9 – Bangkok – 77.21%

8 – Amsterdam – 77.3%

7 – Dallas/Fort Worth – 78.23%

6 – Madrid – 79.16%

5 – Los Angeles – 79.95%

4 – Denver – 80.65%

– Singapore Changi – 80.7%

2 – Atlanta – 82.23%

1 – Tokyo Haneda – 85.62%

The airports ranked are based off the most punctual “Mega” airports, with Tokyo’s Haneda airport, which handles over 30 million passengers a year, coming out on top, just ahead of the world’s busiest airport, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta which saw over 100 million passengers last year.

Airports aren’t the only ones competing to be known as the most punctual for passengers, with airlines competing with one another as will in a bid to be as on time for passengers as possible. Following in the same vein as the most punctual airports, no British airline made the top 10 most punctual airlines, with the worlds top 10 most punctual airlines found below:

10 – KLM -84.52%

9 – Qatar Airways – 85.17%

8 – Azul – 85.21%

7 – Latam Airlines – 85.6%

6 – Quantas Airways – 85.65%

5 – Bangkok Airways – 87.16%

4 – Hawaiian Airlines – 87.52%

3 – Hong Kong Airlines – 88.11%

2 – airBaltic – 89.11%

1 – Copa Airlines – 89.79%

European carrier airBaltic was the most punctual in Europe, missing out on top spot because of Panamanian operator Copa Airlines success rate of 89.79% of flights arriving on time. airBaltic is one of only 2 European airlines to make the top 10, with Dutch carrier KLM in 10th place.

The World’s most punctual airlines

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