Flight Delay Compensation: Your Questions Answered1 Nov 2018

Flight Delay Compensation: Your Questions Answered

It’s not always clear as to whether or not you’re entitled to flight delay compensation after you’ve suffered disruption to your journey and surprisingly a vast majority of people don’t realise that they are eligible to claim. For many, it seems like an unnecessary bit of hassle to actually pursue a claim or even knowing what they can claim for, which is why airFair make it simple to understand and help guide you through the process. Crucially, knowing when you can and when you can’t claim is essential. Each case is reviewed individually, and there are 5 main areas, where if you have encountered these you may be eligible.


So, when can I claim?

1.Length of flight delay

Under EU Regulation 261/2004 you are eligible to claim compensation on your flight delay, providing the delay was 3 hours (180 minutes) or longer. If a delay was less than 3 hours, then the claim will not be valid. Additionally, if a flight has been cancelled within 14 days of you travelling, you may be eligible to claim against the airline.


2. Origin and destination of travel

Those applying for compensation will only be eligible to claim if the source, destination or the head office of the airline is within the EU when the delay occurred.


3. What caused the flight delay?

Knowing what caused the delay can be an issue at times, especially if the airline themselves are being uncooperative, but there are certain restrictions as to what you can and can’t claim compensation against. If the delay was caused by the following, then you will not be able to claim;

• Industrial action
• A medical emergency
• Security risks
• Extreme weather conditions.

If you’re unsure on whether your issue is classed as any above or unsure as to whether you are entitled to compensation or not, then you can easily check by downloading our app or visiting our website.

Flight Delay Compensation: Your Questions Answered

Flight Delay Compensation: Your Questions Answered

How much compensation will I receive?

The amount an individual will receive is entirely down to a specific case in question. The most an individual may be entitled too is €600 per person.

For example; If an individual were to be delayed on a flight for over 4 hours travelling a distance greater than 3,500km, the eligible amount could be €600. For a delay of only 3 hours where the distance is only 1,500km then the compensation will be approximately €250.

The amount is determined by the reason for the delay, the distance travelled and the length of the delay. The laws around delay compensation were not put in place to reflect the price of the ticket paid by the passenger, but to compensate them for the loss of time at the airport and for the inconvenience caused.


My flight was delayed by bad weather

Weather is often unpredictable and is considered a grey area when it comes to whether or not you are eligible to claim for a delay because of bad weather. Airlines don’t always have to pay up when there is a delay because of this. However, this only applies when the airline can prove that ‘the cancellation was caused by extraordinary circumstances which could not have been avoided even if all reasonable measures had been taken’.


My flight was diverted to a different airport

If your flight is diverted to a different airport, it is the airline’s responsibility to provide transport to the intended destination. If you then proceed to arrive at your final destination more than 3 hours later than scheduled to, you could launch a claim and be entitled to compensation.


Why won’t airlines pay me the Compensation I’m owed?

Just as you have every right to claim against an airline, the airline also has the same amount of rights to dispute cases. Should they feel that the claim is invalid or not appropriate, then they are entitled to defend it as they see fit, which can often lengthen the delay process, resulting in a long waiting time to find out whether or not your claim has been successful or not.

Flight Delay Compensation: Your Questions Answered

Flight Delay Compensation: Your Questions Answered

What information do I need to start a claim?

In order for you to check if you are eligible to claim for compensating or not, you’ll need a few pieces of important information to get the ball rolling:

• Flight Number (will be on the booking confirmation)
• Name of airline travelled with
• Departure date
• Departure and arrival airports

There is a couple of ways you can enter this information. You can do it by downloading the airFair app and entering the correct details accordingly, or visit our website. Alternatively, if you would rather speak directly to one of our team, you can do on 0800 098 7700


Flight Delay Compensation: Your Questions Answered

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